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It can take years of accumulating stuff resulting in a chaotic space but it won’t take nearly as long to simplify. Nor does it cost as much as the espresso machine you’ve used twice.


My approach is simple and realistic. The items that are in your home are part of your life. They make up experiences and hold sentimental value. Some are totems, and others are totally ready for charity of your choosing. The other component is all the stuff we acquire and simply forget we have, which means it no longer serves a purpose. We will work together to decipher what is important to you and what is ready for clearing.  There is no need to assume “everything must go!” and we will work to find solutions. Often we need a pair of fresh eyes to re-think a space. Collectively, we reimagine. 


Consultation fee is of no charge to you. Hourly rates start between $35-65, and flat rates are on offer depending on size and project scope. A written estimate will be provided prior to the commencement of the project.



Discarded items will be donated to a local charitable cause of your choosing.

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